the world's best dos combat flight simulator.
the good ole' days are here again

"you are about to step into the shoes of ... "

"... two very hard working aircrew"

the late david k. marshall

"my most
simming experience"

pizzicato,, 2001

how do I love thee?

let me count the ways

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unsurpassed ... except by
falcon bms and dcs after 2011

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comments on the best ground-attack flight simulator of the 1990s and early 2000s
from google groups' newsgroup
“when I played tornado in 94
that was the best dynamic
excellent low level graphics, excellent game play, great frame rate and simply the best mission planner ever made.
“the mission planner is a dream.”

tornado gaming plans

Pricing table with four gaming plans

flying officer

$ 0mo.
starter is free - perfect for newbies who know nothing about tornado
  • download stuff
  • post on forum

squadron leader

$ 20mo.
basic is for casual tornado players who already know the basics
  • all of starter, plus...
  • 10 consultations / mo.

wing commander

$ 50mo.
advanced is suited for tornado gamers who have done missions
  • all of basic, plus...
  • 40 consultations / mo.

air commodore

$ 70mo.
for tornado connoisseurs who want to master the simulation
  • all of advanced,  plus...
  • unlimited consultations



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